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Danshui Update (04/08/16)

Just like the global stock markets, Danshui market is also experiencing a lot of volatility this year.

As we approach the second half of 3rd Quarter 2016, the second annual peak season is in force again till the end of the year.
Book way in advance if you are coming during Canton Fair period as it is peak season.

Canton Fair
15/10/16 - 04/11/16

All KTVs are operating in low profile mode.
Currently all flower street suspended.
Penny stock pickings are done in KTV room.
For blue chip counters please consult a fund manager.

Legend KTV hostess strength is around 300 as of 04/08/16.

Emerald KTV hostess strength is around 250 as of 04/08/16.

All gains in hostess strength from 1st Quarter 2016 were wiped out by a stock rout in 2nd Quarter 2016.
Strength numbers for all KTVs will rally as the weeks go by.
Daily charts and stochastics suggest mild bullish momentum.
Maximum strength will taper off at the 400-500 range per venue.
Bullish bias for 4th Quarter 2016 as long as Quantitative Easing policy is not introduced yet again. ...

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